Blast Furnace

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Blast Furnace is an independent literary publisher based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, still often referred to as the steel city.

Blast furnaces were utilized for smelting and refining industrial metals, generally iron, and were widely used in the creation of steel in the Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania region during the United States' 20th century industrial boom.

Mission & Values

Blast Furnace's mission is to publish refined poetry by "poets of place,” with themes deeply rooted in place.

We value poetry that is architecturally functional and distinctive on the page.

We value poetry that is stripped—burnt down—to its purest state, in both form and context.

We value brave poetry that takes risks and, therefore, resonates with a discriminating audience.

We value soulful poetry from the core—recited or read aloud—as it was originally intended.
Blast Furnace